Welcome to SharePointed!

Welcome to SharePointed, the new-look blog of Technical Evangelist and SharePoint Strategist Simon Wright – glad to see you!

What I hope for this blog, apart from improving yours and my experience of using the site, is to get my thoughts, observations and predictions on all thing tech off my chest.

What you are likely to see is:

  • Talk about new features and functions in software products of particular interest to me
  • Comments and predictions on how those features, as well as product roadmaps, will influence existing and new adopters of the software
  • What these shifts in technology trends will mean for you
  • Where these products and/or new features can bring tangible business benefit to organisations
  • Use cases and articles showcasing particularly innovative and imaginative solutions to everyday problems delivered using the aforementioned products
  • Observations made while out and about in my current stomping ground (mostly Europe, Middle East and Africa. With some US and Australia thrown in for variety)
  • A better mobile site experience

What you are unlikely to see is:

  • Code extracts (unlikely but not impossible)
  • Visual Studio sample projects for custom widgets hand crafted by me between the hours of 1am and 5am GMT and fuelled by performance enhancing cans of energy drink (see above)
  • My chest (a cast iron promise)

Now I did say “all things tech” and of course, given the nature of my job and interests, this is inevitable (see bio for more details). That said, the majority of posts will be business focused…as is only right in this modern age of technology.

Gone are the days of IT driven projects, right? Well we’ll see…

That’s not to say there won’t be the odd ‘how to’ around areas of functionality that I find interesting or are in need to some long overdue public recognition. I’m not saying that.

Let’s just say that if you don’t see me summarising each article with a link to why this is a good thing for the end user, you are completely at liberty to pick me up on it. That’s why there is a comments box.

Ok, well thanks for stopping by. Appreciate the visit and do please make yourself at home. There are links to connect to my various social media outlets so if public commenting in not your style, why not message me direct?

Don’t be a stranger and don’t be shy. See you on the next post

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