The Nintex Pub Quiz and Where to Play

I’m speaking at a number of events in EMEA and beyond over the next few months, so and I thought I’d share with you the presentation I’m using….as I think it’s interesting.

Perhaps you will find it interesting.

Perhaps you might even feel motivated to come see it live, assuming you’re in the area of course. And motivated, naturally

Hybrid Works! Harness the Power of Hybrid-SharePoint, Distributed Workflow and Mobile-Enabled Processes.


Complex topic, simple demonstration.

Join Simon Wright and Nintex for a good old fashioned, quintessentially British, Pub Quiz and find out how hybrid SharePoint (on premise and O365 working together), distributed workflow (workflow spanning environments) and mobile-enabled processes can be simple yet effective.

Using your smartphone (‘bring your own device strategy’?), register and participate in a multi-round quiz on diverse topics such as ‘Music Intros’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Natural World’. Between rounds, find out how the quiz was created simply and quickly, and find out how (through real world example) the same flexible process can add power to your business.

What does that all mean?

Well yes, that would be the question I would ask, were I in your position.

What it means for the attendees is that they will participate in a pub quiz on their mobile, maybe even win a prize. Perhaps have fun. What makes it interesting is that they will be doing so using a complex hybrid solution, comprising; distributed workflows, Azure, O365, Oauth authenticated forms, cloud integrated processes and Powerview reporting and aggregation.

And the reason that’s interesting?

Well, because there are lots of real world business scenarios where that same process can apply.

Swap out a few bits here and there and you will find yourself with an application that would enable shop floor staff to register with the retail company’s timesheet application using their personal email address, for example. The highlights being:

  • No need for the organisation to manage Active Directory accounts for part of the business where frequent turnover of staff is common and hard to manage
  • No need for the shop floor staff to remember a username and password to submit their timesheets every Friday
  • No need for costly development-based integrations between the timesheet systems and line-of-business applications
  • No need for time consuming and inaccurate manual keying of data in the back office
  • Reliable automation of staff reminders ensuring timesheets are submitted on time and without dispute
  • Still able to report on hours worked, overtime, sickness and all the other lovely details found on a timesheet, just in real time

Or maybe we could extend the capabilities even further by pumping data into Azure tables and using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to predict where ‘sickness’ is most likely to occur based on look ahead weather predictions vs. key sales days vs. previous timesheet submissions.

Although I’ll stop there, for fear of over stretching myself. And for fear that I might feel obliged to build it into the demo!

There are many more examples of course…and I would happily discuss them at any one of the events.

Should I find the time, I’ll perhaps record a couple of quiz rounds in a short video so you can see how it all hangs together. Or of course, as I mentioned before, you could come and visit a session near you.

And what sessions would they be then?

  • 14th February 2015 – SPS Stockholm – World Trade Centre, Stockholm
  • 14th March 2015 – SPS Helsinki – Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Helsinki
  • 18th April 2015 – SPS Antwerp – ALM, Antwerp
  • 4th – 8th May 2015 – Microsoft Ignite Conference – Chicago
  • 26th September 2015 – SPS Barcelona – Institut Quimic de Sarrià, Barcelona
  • 9th – 12th November 2015 – European SharePoint Conference – Stockholmsmässan, Stockholm

See you there. Bring your smartphone and your quiz brain!

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