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Nintex Pub Quiz – Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Nintex?

Nintex is the leading workflow automation tool for SharePoint. But we also have a forms product that you can take mobile, online AND offline. And all this on premise and in Office 365. In short, we do a lot. Why no come to our stand and see for yourself.

How do I register for the Nintex Pub Quiz?

Click the link at the bottom and a Nintex Forms registration form will open. Complete the form and submit to enter. There are some mandatory fields, such as; team name, captain name, captain email and captain photo. You’ll also need to find some team members and fill in their details too before you can register.

What if I can't find any team members?

Don’t worry! You will be registered as a team captain and we will add other members to your team as the day goes on. By the time we get to Quiz O’Clock, you’ll have a full complement of team members.

Why does the captain have to submit a photo of themselves?

Because we may need to add other team members to your team in order to maintain the optimum number of teams for the session. We’ll use the photograph so that other team members can identify the team captains.

Why do I need to use a Microsoft ID or the email I use for Facebook to register?

Because you will be authenticating with the Quiz question round forms, so that only the team captain can submit answers for your team. We use OAuth providers such as Windows Live just so we know you are the owner of the email address to which the task has been assigned.

No other information will be passed to any other organisation, so don’t be shy.

Why don't I get any registration confirmation emails?

Please check your junk folder on your email account. No doubt, we’re sitting there waiting for you to find us. If you still don’t see anything, leave it for 5 minutes and try again. How long it takes for your emails to appear on your phone client depends on how often your service is set to push or pull new emails.

If in doubt, go direct to the web based client, as you will always see emails here first.

Should I register using my phone, tablet or laptop?

I makes no difference for a user experience point of view. All the forms are mobile enabled, as you would expect from Nintex of course! Mobile phone will most likely be the simplest to use however, as you can take a photograph of teh team captain straight form the registration form.

If in doubt, come and see Simon or Brian at the Nintex stand and they can help!

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