10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

This subject has become a bit of a hit in the SharePoint community with a daisy chain of interesting blog posts out there it seems. I got the idea from friend and good colleague Dan Stoll, Technical Evangelist for Asia Pacific at Nintex (www.sharepointpub.com). You’ll find his post here which was inspired by Seb Matthews, who was in turn inspired by the originator Veronique.

But regardless of who started it, I’m going to continue this fledgling tradition. Here goes..

  1. I studied music for 4 years at a Music Conservatoire in London and have a degree in Early Music (you know, old and long dead guys playing the recorder for cash, glory and fame while wearing tights. A unique choice I think you’ll agree)
  2. I play the banjo (badly) as well as many other strange and esoteric instruments
  3. I can run a 10K pretty quick
  4. I cannot dunk a basketball despite my 6’ 5” stature
  5. My wife has met everyone from the Queen of England to Arnold Schwarzenegger and many interesting people in between
  6. I have been to the Amazon basin and swam in the Rio Negro 30 minutes after having fished for piranha in the same spot (idiot!)
  7. I learnt to surf in Bali on a 7’ board affectionately known as “Big Bertha” by my amused Ausie instructors. I have never surfed since
  8. I love to cook and will happily char a steak and make béarnaise sauce should you come over for dinner
  9. I once crashed a New Year party at the main temple in Ubud on Bali, even getting to dance with self-styled, Balinese David Hasselhoff lookalike circa Knight Rider! (Life Lesson: any beer with formaldehyde as an ingredient is going to make you feel bad the next day)
  10. I have never skied or snowboarded

That felt good. Maybe I should have turned the list up to 11?

Your turn..!

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